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Orange Sim Only Deals

Orange mobile network has a very interesting way of naming their SIM only deals. They are named after animals so varied they have little in common. The plans go by the names dolphin, canary, raccoon, camel, and panther. There is the iPhone plan which is for iPhones.  The plans are characterised by what they are best suitable for. The panther plan for example, is for those who spend a lot of time on line. The SIM only plans are as follows;

  • Dolphin – This plan is best for texting and browsing. It has plans for £7, £10.50, £15.50, £20.50 £26, and £31. Apart from the £7 and £31 plans which are valid for 12 months and 1 month respectively, all other plans are valid on either 1 month or 12 months contract.
  • Canary – This plan is best for texting. It starts at £10. Prices are £10.50, £15.50 and £20.50 on 1 month or 12 months contracts. All prices come with unlimited texts.
  • Camel – This plan is best for international calls. It enables calling to over 50 countries and unlimited UK texts. It is valid for 1 month only for £20.50.
  • Raccoon – This plan has unlimited landline calls.
  • Panther- This plan gets you data, minutes, Wi-Fi, email and unlimited texts

Orange mobile also has a SIM only plan for iPhone users. 

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