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O2 Sim Only Deals

O2 SIM only plan is also known as simplicity. O2 subscribers who opt for the SIM only plan have 3 options; Pay& Go, 1 month and 12 months. With the Pay & GO plan the subscriber tops up and gets the minutes and texts. For the 1 month and 12 months plans, the subscriber can pay with direct debit. For subscribers who would like to buy data, there are Data Bolt Ons. These can be had for more money in addition to the top up plan. The SIM only plans in detail are;

  • Pay & go- under this plan, for £7.50 you get unlimited texts. For £10.50 you get 100 minutes and unlimited texts. There is also a bonus of 100 O2 minutes. For £15.50 you have 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500 extra O2 minutes.
  • 1 month plan- £15.50 gets 600 minutes, extra 300 O2 minutes and unlimited texts. £21 and £26 gets 900 and 1200 minutes respectively with 300 extra O2 minutes each. £41 has unlimited minutes.
  • 12 months plan- all prices get unlimited texts and 500 minutes extra O2 minutes. Prices for minutes are £10.50-100, £15.50-300, £21-600, £26-900, £31-1200 and £46 for unlimited minutes. Data Bolt Ons can be had for top-ups as follows £3-100MB, £6-500, and £10- 1 GB.

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