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ZTE Racer white Review

ZTE Racer whiteThe ZTE Racer significantly undercuts many other mobile phone models priced at the lower end of the Android marketplace, such as the LG Optimus GT540 or HTC Wildfire. Obviously Android phones are becoming a much more affordable proposition right now. But phones like the ZTE Racer are not actually as basic as you may think. The only two areas where the cost cutting shows on the Racer are in terms of the phone design and the screen technology used. The finish of the ZTE Racer is very plasticky and low-rent looking and the handset uses old fashioned resistive technology rather than the much more responsive and modern capacitive touchscreen technology.

The use of a resistive touchscreen means no modern features like multi-touch, but you do get a zoom bar to pan in and out of web pages and maps for instance and overall the Racer's touchscreen performs pretty well. The use of the Android 2.1 operating system offers a number of pleasing interface functions too, whereas some other budget Android handsets are stuck with Android version 1.6 operating system. However the 2.8-inch QVGA screen's limited resolution does not look nearly as sharp as the pricier smartphones.

Those budget limitations aside, the ZTE Racer's call quality is impressive even when the signal is slightly below-par. There is a good range of connectivity options also with Wi-Fi and HSDPA for fast internet browsing via 3G. You also have Bluetooth and GPS with Google Maps with turn-by-turn sat-nav. As a multimedia device the ZTE Racer is more than competent, featuring a standard 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use your own headphones and really appreciate the decent audio output.

The included 3.2 megapixel camera won't win any awards, but it snabs photographs quickly and easily  with decent quality and vibrant colours. There is no flash included so indoor or low light shots are generally poor.

Despite the flaws due to the fact that the ZTE Racer is obviously built to a budget, the ZTE Racer still manages to impress. It's something of a miracle for a mobile phone of this price to offer such features as GPS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and of course the Android 2.1 operating system. Obviously the ZTE Racer can't directly compare with higher-end mobiles like the HTC Desire, however, as an alternative to other non-smart phones in this price range, it's possibly the best choice you can make. if you can put up with the resistive screen and plasticky design, the ZTE Racer has a lot to offer for very little money.

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