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Vodafone Review

Vodafone Group plc, although now a global telecommunications company, is headquartered in London and is the world's largest mobile telecommunications in terms of revenue and has around 341 million subscribers in over 30 countries.Vodafone is majority shareholder of  Verizon Wireless (45%), which is the largest mobile telecommunications company in the United States. The brand name "Vodafone" is said to be derived from "voice data fone", chosen to brand the company aims to provide voice and data over mobile phones.

Vodafone began back in 1980 when Sir Ernest Harrison OBE agreed a deal with the General Electric Company plc for commercial mobile radio. Vodafone evolved over several decades from Racal Electronics to Racal Telecom then finally devolving into Vodafone Group in 1991. In 1996 Vodafone aquired Talkland and Peoples Phone, assimilating a 181 High Street chain. In 1999 Vodafone merged its U.S. assets with those of Bell Atlantic Corp to form Verizon Wireless.

Today Vodafone group operates throughout Europe in France, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland,
Spain and the UK. Today Vodafone U.K. is the 3rd largest provider of broadband and telecommunications in the United Kingdom just behind O2 (and now behind Orange/T-Mobile after their merger in 2009).

The Future Agenda is a cross-discipline programme supported by Vodafone Group. The aims are to bring together thoughtful people from around the world to address the challenges of the new millenium. Responding to accelerating challenges, modern organisations are now seeking to gain more informed views of the future and to understand emerging opportunities. Suppliers working with Vodafone are expected to understand their goals. Vodafone have developed a code of ethical purchasing that they require suppliers to sign up to. This code is designed to promote safe and fair working conditions, along with responsible management of environmental and social issues.

The modern business of the Vodafone group can be categorised in two ways - business solutions and personal solutions. The business solutions side of Vodafone concentrates on simple and flexible telecommunications that save time and money, which help to make the most of business opportunities. Personal solutions from Vodafone allow you to stay connected to people, friends, photos, emails. Whatever media you want, whenever you need it.

With a wide range of mobile phone service and pricing plans (pay monthly plans for 12, 18 or 24 month contracts and SIM only or pay-as-you-go deals), top handsets offered by in demand manufacturers (such as BlackBerry, HTC, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson) and great UK wide coverage (which can be boosted easily with the Vodafone "Sure signal" - a simple system to boost 3G mobile signal around your house), Vodafone certainly has a lot to offer.

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