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The 3 Store offers unrivalled value for money on the latest 3G mobile phones with no-nonsense, great value price plans. 3 Mobile are the market leader in the UK offering 3G mobile phone contracts at down to earth prices. tariffs start from as little as £10 per month and all contracts provide free internet plus anytime minutes and texts packages.

The 3 network is the only dedicated 3G network in the UK. The 3G network basically works the same way as a traditional mobile network but can support advanced mobile services such as broadband, mobile TV, video calling, free Skype calls and MSN messaging with a 97.4% 3G UK coverage. The 3 Store offers three types of tariff - Texter, Talker and The One Plan. The Texter plan includes a free Three mobile phone and 5000 texts plus 500MB of mobile internet allowance. The Talker offers the same 500MB of mobile internet plus various packages of minutes and texts to suit most users. But the most popular plan is the One Plan, essentially an almost unlimited tariff which offers great value for heavy users with 2000 anytime minutes per month, along with 5000 texts and unlimited (within reason) mobile internet from just £25 per month.

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