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Talk Mobile Review

Talkmobile was launched in 2008 and is  "The Carphone Warehouse" brand network. One of the most well known "virtual networks" in the UK, Talkmobile is hosted on the Vodafone network and as such offers 99.7% network coverage in the UK. Talkmobile offers a range value tarrifs (Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go) on the latest mobile phones with a 14 day coverage guarantee. Currently servicing over 300,000 customers, Talkmobile is one of the UK's fastest growing virtual networks.

If you are considering switching to Talkmobile it’s easy to keep your number. Simply contact your current mobileprovider to request a porting authorisation code and provide this number along with your current mobile number when you transfer to Talkmobile. Your existing mobile phone number will be transferred within 2 working days or even on a future convenient date if you request it.

TalkMobile, like other virtual networks, is very competitive on prices and tarrifs. For instance the Essentials tariff is a popular value pay-as-you-go option with call minutes at just 8p each and texts just 4p (half price calls and texts between TalkMobile customers is a major advantage too). These prices make TalkMobile one of the most competitive networks in the UK. Of course choosing a network is not just about price, coverage is important too. Talkmobile excels in this area with all the benefits of the Vodafone network coverage included in their deals. Additionally, the handsets from Talkmobile are supplied unlocked for any network by the Carphone Warehouse.

There are two main TalkMobile PAYG offers – the Rewards tariff or the Essentials tariff. Both tarrifs bundle mobile internet for just 25p per day. Additionally the Rewards tariff offers a bonus allowance each time you top up( such as free minutes, unlimited texts and international minutes). However, the call charges on the Rewards tariff are more expensive. The cheaper frills free option is the Essential tariff. Offering UK calls at 8p at all times and texts for just 4p (it gets even better if you are talking to other TalkMobile where all charges are slashed in half). These rates make TalkMobile one of the most competitive networks available.

The pay monthly plans from TalkMobile offer an insane monthly 1GB of data allowance on a wide range of Smartphones. Starting at £12 for 24 months and including 200 inclusive minutes/200 inclusive texts, ranging to £30 per month for 750 inclusive minutes per month with 1500 texts. TalkMobile also offers the UK's cheapest SIM only tariff, with short term plans (1 and 6 months) offering 1000 inclusive minutes and unlimited texts for just £18 for a month!

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