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T-Mobile Review

T-Mobile began in 1993 and was originally branded as "Mercury One2One", it later became known as simply One2One and was then purchased by Deutsche Telekom in 1999 and finally rebranded as T-Mobile in 2002. Furthermore T-Mobile and Orange merged to become “Everything Everywhere” in 2010. Everything Everywhere are now the largest mobile telecom operator in the UK with 37% of the market share. However both brands (Orange and T-mobile) still maintain an individual presence in the UK. Interestingly Everything Everywhere was the first mobile operator to provide the infrastructure for the first ever UK virtual network, Virgin Mobile.

T-Mobile have a reputation as being one of the cheapest mobile networks, however, in common with the other main networks, normally better deals can be found through virtual networks. Another advantage with T-mobile is the excellent 3G coverage (currently at 93% of the UK).

T-Mobile’s PAYG tariff is competitive at 20p per minute for calls and texts at 12p each. On the other hand, non-standard calls are expensive with freephone 0800 numbers costing 20p per minute too. Internet is priced at £1 every day which seems expensive but there is a generous 500MB allowance per month. There is a decent Talk plan which gives you 100 free UK minutes simply for topping-up £10 each month. Other PAYG plans include the Text and International plans. Both plans have more expensive calls than the Talk plan at 25p per minute, but the Text plan offers unlimited texts when you top up £10 a month and the International plan gives you 60 free international minutes. In addition to the tarrif plans you have T-Mobile Rewards and "Boosters".

T-Mobile Rewards includes offers like the Weekend Talk reward which gives free calls all weekend to other T-Mobile numbers if you top-up for £10. The "Boosters" are argueably more useful. For instance the Text Booster will give you 30 days worth of unlimited texts for just £5 per month and the Internet Boosters give you flexible data allowances. For instance, you can recieve 5 days unlimited internet access for £2.50. There are also Talk Booster plans but these only apply to calls to other T-Mobile numbers with a £5 talk-booster gives you 200 extra free call minutes for 5 days.

Pay monthly phone tarrifs are competitive ona  wide range of Smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S II, iPhone, BlackBerry Curve 9300, BlackBerry Bold 9780 Black, HTC Desire S and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro. All the T-mobile 12-month plans include a new handset, inclusive minutes and texts and of course a range of special "boosters" to suit individual circumstances.

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