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Sony Ericsson Cedar Review

Sony Ericsson CedarThe Sony Ericsson Cedar is part of Sony Ericsson's environmentally conscious GreenHeart mobile phone range (much like the Sony Ericsson eco-friendly predecessors the Elm and Hazel handsets). The green credentials derive from the fact that the handsets are constructed from (and packaged in) mostly recycled materials. So, is the Sony Ericsson Cedar the perfect handset for those mobile phone users with environmental morals?

Many have criticised Sony Ericsson's GreenHeart as being slightly disingenuous (considering the quantity of mobile phones that end up in landfill), but there is no doubt this is a step in the right direction as far as the environment is concerned. The good news is that being sympathetic to the environment doesn't mean you have to purchase an ugly phone. The Cedar is one of Sony Ericsson's more attractive devices, the neat two-tone colour scheme and smooth modern lines create a visually pleasing effect.

The Cedar is not an especially small phone, but it is very light at just 84g. Some have complained that the curves at the back of the phone can make gripping it difficult as the bulk of the weight of the handset is focused in the middle, but the Cedar's curved back is visually pleasing and you do get used to the shape quickly.

There is 280MB of on-board storage on the Cedar which can be upgraded to 16GB in capacity via microSD card. If you use the Cedar's multimedia functions you will need this storage. The standard 3.5mm headphone jack allows you to use your own personal set of headphones and the media software is based on the Sony Walkman so offers an above-average sound reproduction with plenty of options and customisation.

There is also a 2 megapixel camera on the back of the Cedar, which is capable of taking decent shots and shooting basic quality video clips. Unfortunately, there is no LED flash, so capturing decent images in low light is difficult. This lacklustre camera is one of the compromises involved in a phone being offered at such a reasonable price. The other main drawback is the clunky browser.

the Sony Ericsson Cedar occupies a niche of the mobile phone market some refer to as the mid-range "dumb phones" market. The Cedar boasts a better design than previous "green" phones, has improved functionality and a generally decent interface,but suffers from a poor camera and sluggish browser. However many will be happy with the great design with 3G and Bluetooth connectivity, especially when offered in an environmentally conscious package which is easy to use due to a lack of bewildering smartphone features.

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