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Samsung Wave S8500 Review

Samsung Wave S8500The Samsung Wave II is the latest version of the original Samsung Wave. The original Wave was the first device to feature the Samsung operating system Bada, and the Wave II (aka as the Wave 723) uses an updated version of this operating system underneath the familiar Samsung TouchWiz user interface. Samsung obviously beleive in givng users a choice of operating systems in their phones, as they offer mobiles powered by Bada, Android and Windows Phone 7 in the range.

The second incarnation of the Wave features a number of improvements over and above the updated Bada OS. Such as double the internal storage capacity (from 1Gb to 2 Gb and this can be further increased with a microSD card). However the majority of the hardware will be familiar to fans of the original Wave, namely the Super Clear 3.7 inch LCD screen, a 1GHz processor, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, GPS and a 5 megapixel camera with video recording capability (720 pixels). These features put the Wave II firmly into the smartphone category.

The Samsung Wave II is a large handset, with that 3.7-inch screen and the three under screen buttons you do need a fair amount of chassis real estate to work with, measuring 123.9 x 59.8 x 11.8mm this isn't a skinny pocket phone and if you have small hands you may find it awkward for one-handed use. On the plus side, the original Wave was rightly praised for its messaging capabilities and the latest version impresses in this area also. Managing multiple email accounts is a breeze with the Samsung "Social Hub", which brings together email and SMS with social accounts like Facebook and Twitter. SMS messaging now features a new text input system called T9 Trace. Rather than tapping at the  individual letters required you simply glide a finger over the letters you want (just like Swype on the Samsung Galaxy S II). It works well and really is fast and efficient. The messaging is of course enhanced by the impressive screen. With resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and good overall size of 3.7 inches, its slick and responsive.

That 3.7 inch screen works well with web pages too offering plenty of detail. In fact the Super Clear TFT screen helps everything to really stand out. The Bada web browser is easy to use and web pages load pretty quickly which makes it easy to browse the internet at speed. Flash video is also supported which further enhances the overall web experience. The five-megapixel camera is good too with a host of shooting options and decent video capture at 720 pixels.

Overall, the handset design of the Samsung Wave II is lovely, even though larger to accommodate the bigger screen. That screen is bright and responsive and compares well with the very best of the competition. Battery life is good and the T9 Tracer is a nice Swype-style text input system that works really well.

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