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Samsung Galaxy S Review

Samsung Galaxy SThe Samsung Galaxy S at a glance looks much like the iPhone 3G. Featuring a huge screen and tons of high tech smartphone features make it much more than just another iPhone clone. The display screen is a huge 102mm (4 inches in old money), yet despite this amazing Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy S is incredibly light at just 119g. The screen on this latest Galaxy S manages to offer the typical colour saturation and bright colours of the Samsung AMOLED screens, but has overcome the problem of being difficult to read in bright sunlight. The display even compares well to the iPhone's display. The 480 x 800 pixel resolution might not be quite as impressive as the 640 x 960 resolution of the iPhone 4, but it's close enough to be a serious competitor.

The rest of the phone is just as impressive, the Galaxy S is not all about that impressive screen. The hardware specification is top notch, particularly connectivity, with HSUPA connectivity for fast internet surfing via 3G and Wi-Fi which allowing you to wirelessly share the 3G connection with other Wi-Fi enabled devices like laptops. if you take advantage of this high speed connectivity to download movies or music, then you will be thankful for the storage capacity with 8GB or 16GB of internal memory with the ability to add 32GB more using the microSD card slot. That storage will also come in handy for the photographs from the 5-megapixel camera which takes decent photos in most light conditions (however with no flash or LED photo light results are variable in low light). In addition to the speedy web browsing capability, everything about the Galaxy S is fast with that 1GHz processor, menu transitions and switching between apps is smooth and responsive.

So the hardware on the Galaxy S is formidable, but what about the software? Samsung has in general simply let Android handle the phones software, which is probably a good idea as Google's Android software already powers a host of class leading smartphones, and it includes innumerable features including easy access to Google products like Gmail and Google Maps with free turn-by-turn navigation. Of course you'll also get access to the Android Market which is packed with downloadable apps which can increase the phone's capabilities and features considerably. The Galaxy S actually comes with a variety of apps pre-installed such as Swype. Swype is an alternative keyboard that makes it easier to write on the screen by simply running your finger over the letters that you want.

With the Android's software combined with Samsung's hardware, the Galaxy S is a super impressive smartphone package. The large and responsive Super AMOLED screen is great, the pricing is not too expensive, everything is slick and smooth in operation and the handset is hugely customisable and extendable with apps from the Android Market. An excellent mobile phone in every way.

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