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Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Review

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830The Ace's design is classy and simple but somehow manages to project a sophisticated image at the same time. With that smooth glossy front cover and the pleasantly grippy back cover, 3.5 inch screen and square shaped case, the Samsung Galaxy Ace definitely has an iPhone 4 look about it, however the Ace is actually mostly plastic rather than the metal of the Apple handset. Despite that, the Ace still feels solid and well built, but the use of plastic, in common with other Samsung smart phones, makes it surprisingly light (just 113g).

The 320x480 pixel screen on the Galaxy Ace is quick and responsive, however not only is display not the AMOLED type Samsung is becoming famous for (being an LCD type display), the resolution isn't quite as detailed as some as the more expensive handsets. In everyday use the screen is great to use and for most things is more than adequate, the only time the poor resolution is an issue is when reading small text on certain websites which then require a lot of zooming. Luckily, zooming in and out on the Galaxy Ace is quick and intuitive due to the multi-touch support. On the plus side, at least this LCD screen is easy to view even under bright lights.

Another citicism that has been made of the Ace is that the screen is too small, but most will find 3.5 inches is big enough and the smallish screen helps the Ace's battery life which is is amazingly good for a smartphone. The Ace can easily last two days or more of mixed use out of a single charge, even with lots of Wi-Fi and GPS usage.

The power behind the higher functions on the Ace is Google's mobile operating system, Android 2.2 Froyo. This version is not the cutting edge any more, with phones powered with version 2.3.3 now available. That being said, Android 2.2 has all the best features of the Android OS, only missing out on the very latest technologies like SIP calling and NFC support. One of the best aspects of Android 2.2 is that fantastic web browser which manages to display web sites in pretty much the same way as they look on a desktop or laptop computer. its unfortunate that the Ace cannot support Flash, although there is a YouTube app, but the BBC's iPlayer is not supported. The Ace does however have some other clever features which more than make up for the lack of Flash support, such as the portable hotspot feature for example which allows you share your 3G data connection with other gadgets over Wi-Fi.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace feels and performs better than its low cost would suggest. In fact, with the exception of the lower-resolution screen, it compares favourably with the latest top of the price range smart phones, including the iPhone 4. With 7.2Mbps HSDPA for data downloads over 3G, the latest 802.11n Wi-Fi standard and a 5-megapixel camera with LED photo light - the Samsung Galaxy Ace is all the phone anyone needs.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 User Reviews:

By Mike - Phone Rating: 2/5

This phone delivers a great user excneirepe, especially if you use Google services (i.e. search, Gmail, G+ , Picasa Google Talk etc). Granted this is not unique to the Samsung phone but rather generic features of android phones.In terms of the handset itself the screen is excellent , although not as good as an Iphone\'s (to be expected at the lower price point). Battery life is a little disappointing but that is really nitpicking at what is otherwise a fine piece of equipment.It sits nicely in the hand, is very light and the form factor is just right for carrying around with you all the time. It uses a standard micro-usb port to charge up which is a plus.Accepts SD cards I moved the SD card from my old Nokia Symbian phone over to the Ace , and was pleased to see that it automatically found all my music, video and photo files.Works extremely well as a phone , unlike some other smartphones. Voice clarity is great and the phone dials quickly without delays.Overall the user excneirepe is very good no noticeable lag during day to day use.Highly recommended!!