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Samsung C3050 black Review

Samsung C3050 black

A budget slide type handset with a sleek modern design, the Samsung C3050 Black (aka the C3053) has a decent and useful two inch colour screen with a 120 x 160 pixel resolution and up to sixty five thousand viewable colours. A bit old school in comparison to the likes of the iPhone 4S, the Nokia Lumia 800 or the Samsung Galaxy S3, but the C3050 Black is in an entirely different price range and will no doubt appeal to an entirely different type of user. Sliding open the black casing on the Samsung C3050 reveals a practical keypad with alphanumeric keys and the handset has a decent range of features for a budget model including VGA camera with video record, Bluetooth, MicroSD memory support up to 8GB, handsfree speaker phone, multi-media messaging, WAP 2.0 XHTML browser, Mp3 music player with a built in radio feature and of course it's a phone too so making and receiving calls are supported! This last feature is especially handy as most users looking at phones in this price range are normally looking for a handset that makes and receives calls and texts, any other features are a bonus!

This is a quad band GSM phone so can be used worldwide and will automatically switch between networks to provide the best network coverage, so perfect as a holiday phone if you don’t want to risk your expensive smartphone! The battery offers 340 hours of standby so is perfect for leaving in the car as an emergency phone and it even has a basic VGA camera should you be involved in an accident and need photographic evidence for the insurance company. You can enjoy music on the move with the onboard mp3 player and FM radio, send multi-media messages and even browse the web if you wish thanks to the included WAP web browser - of course viewing web pages ona  2 inch screen is never going to be rewarding experience but if you need to check on something online its certainly doable with the C3050 Black.

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