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Orange Review

Orange is the eighth largest telecoms provider in the world today, currently serving over 189 million customers (with 17 million in the UK). Orange is currently investing heavily in their HSDPA network infrastructure. Currently Orange’s 2G network covers 99% of the UK and has outsourced their network to Nokia Siemens Networks. Orange and T-Mobile merged in 2010 to create the new parent company “Everything Everywhere”. Although the Orange and T-Mobile brands have been retained in the UK. The merger gives the new combined network a 37% market share. Everything Everywhere also provides the infrastructure for the virtual network Virgin Mobile.

Orange PAYG tariffs offer a range of plans to tailor tariffs to individual customer needs, many of them are great value for money. In fact the variety of PAYG plans on Orange is probably better than any other UK network, however, there are so many plans available that choosing the best option can be confusing. But with some research, you can pick a tarrif that will save you cash. Despite this, on some plans they can still be more expensive than some of the more competitive tarrifs offered by the virtual networks. Currently Orange are offering £100 free credit on a range of pay as you go phones, to qualify you need to top up £10 a month for 10 months on phones such as BlackBerry Curve, HTC ChaCha or the Monte Carlo from Orange.  

The main thing going for Orange (and of course T-mobile and Everything Everywhere) is the amazing network coverage in the country - 93% of the UK. Orange tarrifs are marketed as various different animal offers. For instance the Racoon is a plan for those who just want a basic tarrif and low-cost calls. For heavy texters there is the Monkey plan which offers free texts with every top-up (300 texts for a £10 credit). The Dolphin (stay social) plan offers text bonuses with every top-up and free data usage up to 100MB per month.

The Panther Extra packages are the Orange flagship plans, featuring the best ever Orange offers from just £25 a month. For example the BlackBerry Torch 9800 with 1000 anytime minutes and unlimited texts for £35.00 per month or the Motorola Atrix free 3000 anytime minutes and unlimited texts for £60.00 per month. In addition to the "Animal" plans, Orange also offers bundles of minutes at a discount – for instance a bundle of 100 minutes costs just £5 and of course the Orange "Magic Numbers" PAYG deal which allows you to talk to three defined Orange numbers for an hour and pay only for only one minute.

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