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Nokia X2 silver blue Review

Nokia X2 silver blueThe Nokia X2 is billed as an entry level mobile phone but still has plenty of features, in terms of pricing the X2 sits in between the C1-01 and the X3 in the Nokia line up. The X2 is bucking the trend in many ways by offering a handset of simple design and accessible features, rather than the current practice amongst manufacturers to cram as much technology as possible into every device. You wont find Wi-Fi, GPS or even a touchscreen on the X2.

However, what the Nokia X2 does have, is a 2.2 inch screen with 320x240 pixel resolution, a 5 megapixel camera with built-in LED flash, QVGA video recording at 20 frames per second, FM radio, GPRS data and a phenomenal battery life. Of course the X2 is hardly going to compete head on with the likes of the iPhone, however at around a tenth of the price (on pay as you go) its an unfair comparison. The X2 is designed to be a cheap and reliable phone, in this regard it succeeds admirably.

The Nokia X2 uses the Symbian operating system even though Nokia has announced its departure from Symbian in favour of the Windows 7 Phone OS, however, Symbian is a perfectly good operating system for phones at this level and has the about bonus of familiarity and ease of use. Menus and applications are responsive and load quickly and everything is pretty much where you expect it to be.

Even though there is no qwerty keyboard, Nokia has a lot of experience with text messaging and were one of the first mobile manufacturers to use T9 text recognition. The messaging functions on the X2 are beautifully simple. Likewise internet browsing is not up there with the best in the class, but offers enough functionality to satisfy most users and critically supports Adobe Flash Lite and Java 2.1. The lack of Wi-Fi and 3G means that browsing of the web can involve some waiting times especially with multimedia websites. There is a decent camera included with a 5-megapixel camera and a dedicated camera button.

As standard the Nokia X2 has 48MB of memory expandable to 16GB with a MicroSD slot. This extra storage comes in handy for the excellent music player which supports multiple formats (such as MP3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+ and WMA). The headphones supplied can sound a little bit tinny, but this is a criticism that can be applied to most manufacturers. Interestingly the stereo loudspeaker is fantastic in terms of both volume and clarity.

The Nokia X2 offers great battery life, brilliant music and high volume loudspeaker, and FM radio all wrapped up in a cost effective package with an extremely user friendly interface. Lacking in some high end features (No 3G, GPS or Wi-Fi) but offering more than enough to satisfy most users in this price range.

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