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Nokia N8 silver Review

Nokia N8 silverThe Nokia N8, features a brand new operating system and is the handset that Nokia hopes will help recapture their market share (which they have been steadily losing to increasingly high tech competitors recently such as HTC and Apple). The high end technology packed under the hood of the N8 makes this mobile the new Nokia smartphone flagship and poster boy for its latest incarnation of the Symbian platform, Symbian^3.

If you've ever used a Nokia phone before (and lets face it -who hasn't?), the Nokia N8 will instantly feel familiar. As simple to use as previous basic Noia models, but now with the latest technologies like browser multi-touch zoom support, email and 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen (miles better than the old resistive screens on earlier Nokia phones such as the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic). So you get the same familiar and intuitive interface, but with all the latest gadgets and high tech.

In addition to that responsive touchscreen with its clear and crisp display, the N8 also offers a great camera (12-megapixel with high definition video recording and playback via HDMI out and fantastic xenon flash), superb battery life and decent sounds all wrapped up in a stylish and modern aluminium casing. Media playback of all kinds is well supported on the N8, there are a huge range of video and audio codecs supported. Unlike some Apple mobiles the N8 supports flash video, but like the iPhone the N8 features a non-removable battery.

Overall, the N8 is a fantastic smartphone. It really does have everything you could possibly wish for in a mobile device, as an alternative to the iPhone 4, it can match it in virtually every department. This latest Symbian OS is a huge improvement, the browser is quick and treat to use, no doubt helped by the ARM 11 processor and the 3D Graphics HW accelerator. The Nokia N8 is a phone that Nokia fans will love, it's definitely the best Symbian powered mobile device yet, however those who have become used to Android or iPhone handsets, may not enjoy the Symbian experience.

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