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Nokia E5 black Review

Nokia E5 blackThe Nokia E5 has all the in demand smartphone features such as HSDPA, Wi-Fi and GPS, along with the high definition camera with flash and plenty of apps and software. Symbian S60 (the 3rd Edition) is the operating system behind the E5 and additional apps can be sourced from the Ovi store. The E5 is available in several colour combinations but the most popular is likely the black and silver colour scheme.

Mail services with the Nokia E5 are supported with both Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Note Traveller, also there is access to Ovi Mail with ten personal email accounts which can all accessed from the main messaging menu, which also includes SMS. The IM application from Nokia also supports Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger.

One of the neatest features incorporated in the Nokia E5 is the superb Wi-Fi sniffer, this simply sits on the home page and will notify you of any networks. Once activated it constantly searches for networks. Once a network is selected you simply select the wireless network you require to browse via Wi-Fi instead of using up your 3G data allowances. The camera on the E5 has all the usual straightforward controls that we have come to expect from Nokia. Video can be shot in 640 x 480 pixel resolution and with 256MB of on board memory and a 2GB microSD card included in the retail pack, you can store a decent amount of music and/or video. The included FM radio is good a is the music player which can easily import tracks from a microSD card and add it to the library.

The QVGA TFT display has a fairly basic specification in terms of resolution, just 320x240 pixels. Furthermore, like the Nexus One and HTC Desire, the screen is difficult to use in direct sunlight. That limitation aside, the Qwerty keyboard is excellent, the design is solid and feels high quality, battery life is good and the range of connectivity options is extensive (3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi). The Nokia E5, like the cheaper C3 handset, is a good attempt to encroach on BlackBerry's territory. There is no doubt that the Qwerty keyboard is bound to attract some potential Blackberry users, however the screen is a bit of a let down and the old Symbian operating system continues to lag behind rivals. However when compared to the BlackBerry Curve 8520 for instance, the Nokia has superior build quality, comparable connectivity and similar great Qwerty keypad, the only area it lags behind is the display.

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