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Motorola Defy Plus JCB Review

Motorola Defy Plus JCBThe original Motorola Defy was an impressive and likeable handset, the first "Lifeproof" smartphone, but the Motorola Defy Plus is a vast improvement on the older model and the JCB Edition adds the following exclusive benefits: a 2 year warranty as opposed to the standard 1 year Motorola warranty, JCB branded skin with shock absorption, JCB app which includes 6 unique tools including a Theodolite, Spirit Level, Torch, B&Q store locator and Decibel Reader and exclusive JCB packaging. The DEFY Plus maintains the design of its predecessor but has an improved specification, primarily a powerful 1GHz processor and the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. Resistant to dust and water ingress, the DEFY Plus has an IP67 protection rating. In addition the 3.7 inch display is scratch proofed thanks to Corning Gorilla Glass.

Water resistant and dust proof (IP67 protection rating), and featuring scratch resistant Gorilla Glass, the Motorola DEFY+ can survive almost everything you can subject it to. The Motorola DEFY+ is marketed as a life proof device that can keep up with the toughest demands and wildest adventures! This latest version is faster than ever, allowing you to effortlessly browse the Web, stay updated with social networking sites and stream and download rich media content faster than before. Motorola DEFY+ now features a Flash enabled browser for streaming movies or viewing videos online. Powered by Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), the Motorola DEFY+ is now smarter than ever, with the new version of Android boasting better battery life, more intuitive user interface and a wide range of minor improvements including enhanced calendar and email features and more home screen options. Being Android powered means you have access to more than 250,000 apps from Android Market.

The 1GHz processor runs 25 percent faster than the previous model for more efficient Web browsing and multitasking, and the MOTOBLUR interface allows users stay in touch with friends more easily by providing quick access to social media accounts and live widgets directly from the main screen. The Motorola Media Link makes it easy users to sync their media content from their desktops at home or work and all the features on the phone blend together seamlessly with no lag between screens or waiting for applications to load.

The Motorola DEFY+ is a fantastic go anywhere "lifeproof" handset which is further improved with the JCB Edition features, that 2 year warranty is not to be sniffed at and the extra tools and packaging really compliment the phones abilities. Included in the retail pack you receive the handset, 2GB MicroSD Card, Stereo Headset with mic, MicroUSB Data Cable, AC Adapter (UK spec), 1700mAh Battery, JCB protective skin with shock absorption, designed specifically for the Defy and supporting documentation.

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