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LG Optimus 7 E900 Review

LG Optimus 7 E900Windows Phone 7 powers an array of different handsets nowadays, now LG has entered into Windows territory with the the Optimus 7. Due to the fact that Microsoft sets out some hardware rules for Windows Phones, the hardware often seems to be the same across all models. In this respect the Optimus 7 is very much like all the other Windows Phone 7 handsets out there (for instance the HTC HD7, Samsung Omnia 7 and HTC 7 Mozart).

Of course the Optimus 7 has all the standard smartphone features such as GPS, 5 megapixel camera, 16GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi, 3G and HSDPA (up to 7.2Mbps). The 16GB of internal memory is particularly important as Windows Phone 7 does not support hot-swappable memory via microSD cards. Despite Microsoft's hardware guidelines for smartphones featuring its operating system, the Optimus 7 does have some features that are not available on other Windows Phone 7 handsets. Such as panorama camera mode, ScanSearch and  PlayTo for DLNA.

There is no getting round the fact that the LG Optimus 7 is a bulky device measuring 125mm x 59.8mm x 11.5mm. With that size you would expect a huge screen, however the screen though generous, is hardly huge at 3.8 inches with 800 x 480 pixel resolution. It's a great screen though, being capacitive and therefore ultra-responsive in use. Like other Windows Phone 7 devices, when it comes to email, social networking and messaging, the Optimus 7 has all the major bases covered.

Web browsing is much improved compared to the previous experience on Windows Mobile, Internet Explorer has been improved and is very responsive and you can have multiple windows tabs at once with no difficulty. The camera offers all the typical goodness of a Windows powered smartphone, five megapixels with LED flash, video at 720 pixel resolution, panorama shooting mode, intelligent shot mode and beauty shot mode.

The Optimus 7 "Play To" feature is LG's DLNA-based application. "Play To" allows you to stream pictures, music and videos to any other DLNA supporting device such as a laptop, TV or PC. You simply choose "Play To" from the Home screen, then choose the media type you want to transfer, once the phone has found your playback device you then select the file you want to stream. An easy to use and useful new feature. In fact, the LG Optimus 7 implements all the basics of Windows Phone 7 well, plus some LG extras which help it stand out from the Windows 7 crowd.

In summary, the screen is sharp and highly responsive, the web browser looks great on the large screen and is a pleasure to use, the included 16GB of internal storage is enough for plenty of data and the "Play To" DLNA feature works really well. One of the best Windows 7 mobile phones on the market.

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