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HTC Sensation XLIf you like big smartphones packed with high technology, you will love the HTC Sensation XL. Essentially in terms of hardware this is the same handset as the HTC Titan, but the Sensation XL is powered by Android rather than Windows Phone 7. This is a big handset, in fact any bigger and this would become a tablet rather than a phone. The Sensation XL takes its design cues from those previous large HTC devices we all love like the Desire HD, HD2 and HD7. It is a slab like device with none of the curves found on other handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The  HTC Sensation XL is still comfortable to hold but the aluminium plate finish on the back doesn't offer much in the way of grip.

Where the Sensation XL beats the Titan is the fact that it is powered with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread and HTC Sense 3.5 (and due to be updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich shortly). For now, the HTC Sense experience is better on the XL than elsewhere in the HTC range. With a few useful tweaks such as the ability to change the number of homepages you have. You'll find all the normal HTC widgets and the whole thing can be customised however you see fit with particularly good integration of social networks and nice additional applications like Evernote and Dropbox pre-installed. The entire experience is slick and smooth with all normal smartphone tasks being handled with ease .

Entertainment of course is an integral part of this handset, with that 4.7-inch screen and the Beats logo on the back. With the Sensation XL you have Beats Audio sound enhancement along with a fantastic set of Beats headphones, its a great combination (and you also get Beats enhancement in the video player). Internet browsing is swift and slick with pages loading quickly much like the Sensation XE. But strangely inside you get a 1600mAh battery, even though the battery is exactly the same physical size as the Sensation XE, which has a 1730mAh battery? That being said the Sensation XL will still last over a day with power saving measures and light to medium use

There is a lot to like about the HTC Sensation XL, watching videos and listening to music is a joy. In fact the Android experience full stop is a joy, whether browsing the Internet, updating social networks or playing games. The screen resolution could be better, especially when compared to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and the lack of a microSD card is puzzling. But the Beats Audio is great, and the 4.7-inch screen is great for games, watching videos and web browsing. In fact for those who love music and surfing the internet the Sensation XL could well be the best of a very talented bunch!

But the list of things that don’t quite work leaves the HTC Sensation XL feeling like a stopgap and us eyeing a replacement in early-2012. For the hardened Android fan that might be a problem, especially if gaming is on the agenda, but for those that want to browse the Internet, listen to music and just enjoy the simpler things about Android, the HTC Sensation XL will still serve you very well.

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By Yade - Phone Rating: 1/5

Why would anyone go for the xe?The Galaxy Nexus has More RamThe Display on nexus uses covnentional RGB which is way better than the pathetic Pentile Matrix used on xe, and S amoled features darker black, better contrast and less saturation than SLCD1.2ghz oamp processor is much faster than old scorpion processor even though its 1,5 ghzThe beats audio ain\'t that great, the one with the phone arent those high end beatsThe nexus has wayy more phone memoryThe nexus will recieve updates first