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HTC One V black Review

HTC One V black

The HTC One V echoes the look of the HTC Legend but its not exactly the same being slightly thinner and sleeker. The third phone in the "One" range from HTC, the One V is slightly overpowered by the One S and One X, being a handset targeted at those on a modest budget, but it's definitely worth a look for anyone looking for a mid range Android handset.

Despite being a budget offering, the HTC One V surprisingly offers the latest Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android overlaid with HTC's Sense 4.0. Of course you don’t quite get the full bells and whistles version that the owners of the more expensive One Series devices enjoy, the software has been pared back to fit the more modest hardware of the One V, with both Sense and Ice Cream Sandwich missing some higher functions, for example there is no Face Unlock on the One V as it doesn't have a front-facing camera and there is no option to encrypt the data on your device.

Although the HTC One V is less powerful than the One S and One X, it's much more powerful than the phone it was modelled on, the HTC Legend. The One V has a single-core 1GHz processor whereas the HTC Legend had an old school 600MHz chip. However, as you would expect, the One V is nowhere near as fast as the HTC One S which is powered by a dual-core chip. Despite the relative lack of power, the One V is a fairly nippy device. One advantage the One V does shave over it's siblings (apart from the lower price), is the size. The One V is the smallest of the three One Series devices yet still offers a 3.7-inch display and manages to feel sturdy with a premium, classy feel.

The touchscreen on the One V is an LCD type which is bright and colourful with good responsiveness. Bucking the current trend towards ever larger displays, the screen on the One V is roughly the same size as the iPhone 4S. The resolution at 480x800 pixels and 252 pixels per inch is not in the same league as the iPhone or even the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, but never the less is more than respectable for a phone at this price level.

The HTC One V does get the new image processing chip as the rest of the One series, with an f2.0 lens and a back-side illuminated sensor, the One V camera can shoot a continuous burst of photos or even single stills while you're recording video. The speed is impressive too, taking a photo in less than half a second. The camera sensor isnt quite as sensitive as the other One Series devices though, just a 5-megapixel unit, rather than the 8 megapixel unit found in the One S or the One X.

The One V comes with 4GB of on-board storage expandable with a micro-SD card slot up to 32GB. But One V owners also get 25GB of Dropbox cloud storage free for two years. The V also includes the Beats Audio technology found on the more expensive handsets for rich and bassy audio quality (but unlike the One S or the One X you have to pay for a set of Beats Audio earphones as they dont come in the box).

Though not the cheapest Android smartphone around, then One V gives you Ice Cream Sandwich at launch and feels super-stylish with a decent camera, great Beats Audio sound and plenty of apps from Google's Play shop. if you can do without the the blisteringly speed of the One S, the cheaper One V is an attractive option.

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