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HTC ChaCha Review

HTC ChaChaThe HTC ChaCha Review combines the standard BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard with a large and responsive 2.6 inch touchscreen. The first thing you notice on the Cha-cha (apart from the sleek looks) is the Facebook button which allows you to instantly upload photos, videos and other content to Facebook. The combination of Wi-Fi internet access and 3G HSPA when combined with a dedicated Facebook button means its easy to stay in touch. Add in a powerful Android operating system, a top quality camera with video calling, and a superfast 800MHz processor with plenty of memory, and you have a potential class leading handset.

It's unusual to build a phone around a dedicated Facebook button, but it simply demonstrates HTC's confidence in the mobile phone industry where they are willing to take chances rather than just following the trend. Apart from the Facebook button, the Chacha looks much like a Blackberry with its full QWERTY keyboard, but it's actually thinner than a Blackberry and has a larger screen. Like the Blackberry devices however, the keyboard is large and functional, and typing quickly and accurately is easy.

The screen itself measures 2.6 inches (compared with the Blackberry standard 2.4 inches) and this extra display real estate is useful. The screen resolution is just right for its size, however, there is no getting around the fact that size does matter, so the ChaCha cant really be compared to the likes of the 4 inch screen of the HTC Incredible S, but this is a fair compromise to make in return for that physical QWERTY keyboard.

The ChaCha is a powerful device all round. Featuring an 800MHz processor, 512MB RAM (up to 32GB with microSD card), Wi-Fi, 3G HSPA plus Bluetooth. Despite the small screen when compared to true multimedia mobile devices, the multimedia capabilities of the HTC ChaCha are better than you'd expect. There is an obvious limitation with the screen size in terms of gaming and watching videos, but the media/music player works well. The camera is also better than most mobiles in this price range. Featuring 5 megapixels, w autofocus and LED flash. The video camera is adequate and there is a front-facing camera for video calling. With that dedicated Facebook button its easy of course to upload your videos quickly to facebook.

GPS is included and well integrated even though a 2.6 inch display isn't the best for Google Maps, but it's big enough to be a useful addition. Web browsing is a breeze with zooming and panning being very easy with the responsive touchscreen, and pages on the web load and display quickly due to the Wi-Fi/HSPA connectivity. Battery life is better than many Android smart phones, being measured in days rather than just hours for some competitors (in this aspect the smaller screen is an advantage!)

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