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Apple iPhone 4s 64GB white Review

Apple iPhone 4s 64GB white

The new iPhone 4S at first glance looks much like the outgoing version, with the same body, same screen, same construction, same look and feel as the previous iPhone 4. Some people were extremely disappointed with the announcement of the 4S as they were expecting an all new model rather than an updated version. However, even though the 4S looks the same, there are a host of serious improvements. In addition, the Apple iPhone 4 was and still is a fantastic handset! One detail that is almost immediately obvious is the new antenna band around the handset to overcome the previous units problems with reception at launch. Apple has completely redesigned the antenna system to remove any vestiges of doubt about reception. That detail aside, the iPhone 4S has the same armoured glass front and black and the same glorious IPS touchscreen. And why not, this 326ppi retina display is still one of the best on any smartphone screen. However, despite the amazingly high resolution, at only 3.5 inches it's small compared to high-end smartphones with 4.7 inch screens. That's likely to be addressed with the upcoming iPhone 5.

The original iPhone 4 is really slick in use, but the inclusion of the latest dual-core Apple A5 chip in this 4S version means things like like web browsing, emailing and running other applications are potentially up to twice as fast as the previous phone’s performance. Apple have used some magic in this new version which means that even with the increased power and performance the battery lasts just as long, with no lessening of battery performance at all. This battery life is of course mainly due to the latest iOS 5 software with its upgraded power management, but neat touches like the adoption of the latest technologies like Bluetooth 4.0, which has a low-energy mode, also assist battery performance.

The camera on the 4S has been upgraded to 8 megapixels with improved optics. It's probably one of the best cameras available in any mobile phone the 4S comes with its own suite of photo editing tools so no more need for PhotoShop. The new version of iOS, version 5, offers more than 200 improvements including iMessage which allows you send unlimited messages to any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running the latest iOS 5. Other notable improvements are superior Twitter integration and over the air updates so you no longer need to connect your iPhone to your computer.

The most talked about of all the new features is the voice-activated Siri intelligent assistant. Siri is an AI application that can understand natural language questions and commands and the voice recognition feature can also be used with other applications too. However Siri has been criticised as it does not currently support all the functions in the UK that it does in the US in terms of local business searches and directions, but this is expected to be updated some time in late 2012 to give an experience more like that in the USA.

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