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Apple iPhone 4 16GB black Review

Apple iPhone 4 16GB black

The Apple iPhone 4 has the accolade of being the thinnest smartphone in the world, and having the highest resolution display ever! This latest Apple model, the fourth generation, has attracted a fair amount of publicity due to reception issues experienced by some users due to the placement of the iPhone 4’s aerials. It has to be said that users are heavily divided on this issue, with may reporting no reception problems at all - a view backed up by many reviews and independent consumer tests.

The iPhone 4 has definitely been slimmed down, compared to an iPhone 3G its much thinner, though with square squarer edges it actually feels chunkier in the hand.  The front and back faces are now both covered in toughened glass, which so far according to users, offers good scratch resistance. In terms of the display, this latest models screen is in another league altogether. Sharper, brighter and more colourful, and with four times the pixel resolution.

Another welcome addition to the latest model are two new cameras to enable video calling and high-definition video recording. However, even after seven years of 3G video calling being avaialble in mobile phone handsets, the coverage and consistency of 3G connections is still too patchy to make video chatting reliable or viable. Most phone networks infrastructure would be able to cope with widespread videocalling. That rear-facing camera does give fabulous results for snaps or HD video. Photographs are bright and have fantastic detail with 2592 x 1936 pixel resolution. There is also an LED flash to help indoor shots and other poor light conditions.

Multi-tasking has been introduced with the operating system update, and along with 512MB of embedded RAM, allows many apps to be open at once. Despite the media obsession with poor reception, many reviewers report that the iPhone 4 has the best mobile reception of any handset they have experienced. Probably the biggest benefit which is often overlooked is the battery life on this latest model. With many smartphones lasting less than one full day, its not unusual for the iPhone 4 to still be running into the third day of use!

The iPhone 4 is retains the title as arguably the best smartphone available in the market. The build quality is top notch, it has a cool image all of its own, its operating system is the slickest out there, the apps available are unsurpassed, and it has some feelgood features which are unmatched. However, if you want one, be prepared to pay for the privilege! To put things into perspective, the HTC Desire (which has recently increased in price) is around £200 cheaper to purchase outright

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