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Alcatel OT-209 Review

Alcatel OT-209The Alcatel OT-209 is one of the cheapest phones on the market, available for 99 pence on a PAYG contract, it's a cheap as chips option for those who do not require the latest state of the art handsets. It might be cheap but is it cheerful? For that 99p investment you get a small screen, basic rubbery buttons and a flimsy, plastic chassis. It has to be said, the OT-209 is far from beautiful, its not exactly ugly either, but forget about impressing iPhone users!

However the OT-209 is compact and robust, the buttons are easy to use with a satisfying click, and it even offers a couple of features you don't often see on these super-cheap handsets. For instance there's a torch on the back of the handset, an FM radio, and a fake calls feature ( a sneaky function to pretend you have an incoming call to avoid being trapped in conversation with someone less than interesting!) There is of course all the other functions which we hardly talk about nowadays and almost all mobile phones feature them. Functions such as stopwatch, calculator, calendar, alarm clock, but unfortunately no camera.

Fancy features aside, what is the Alcatel OT-209 like as a phone? Texting is simple with the simple but effective predictive-text system, call quality is good, and the battery life is amazing. With medium use you can realistically expect a week of usage on the OT-209 from on a single charge. This alone is a major advantage over any smart-phone user!

The Alcatel OT-209 may not be pretty or technologically advanced, but it is perfectly usable and incredibly cheap. As an emergency use only phone, a back-up phone for raucous nights out, or even a primary handset for users not concerned with smartphone features, it's a perfect phone with a lot to recommend it. In summary, its a ridiculously cheap handset which is perfectly usable with exceptional battery life. If you can handle the lack of high tech features and are just looking for a phone to make and receive calls and texts, you could do a lot worse than buying a Alcatel OT-209. It might not impress your friends, but it will certainly impress the bank manager! These basic phones also do make an anti-fashion/anti-consumerism statement, if that’s your thing!

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