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Pay Monthly or Pay as you Go

Pay as you go or contract there is one thing guaranteed..you want a good deal and this guide should help you decide what type of user you are.

Pay as you go

Pay as you go used to be a simple process of picking from vodafone, orange, o2, tmobile or three. Now mobile networks have helped change the way we think about pay as you go deals by giving users benefits for spending more. Now users can pick benefits ranging from free texts, minutes or internet to free cinema tickets or money off gigs. The world of pay as you go is getting more and more complex and so it is important you work out your spend if your currently on pay as you go not just in terms of £ but how many minutes and texts you use. You should also consider if you need data allowance as this can be an expensive add on.

If your on Pay as you go and want to trade to contract you need to work out:

1 - Minutes you use (make sure you take into consideration same network minutes and landline calls as these can often be included with a new contract tariff.
2 - Texts - Find out how many texts you send per month and then think will this likely increase/decrease or stay the same.
3 - Internet - Data allowance is something many people forget when thinking about taking out a contract. Do you have any current allowance and if so what do you have to spend to get it. Work out how much usage you will need for the near future.

Phone and length of contract

4 - Phone - Do you need or want a new phone and can you imagine having that same handset for 18 months to 24? If you want a phone you need to work out if the cost you currenty spend plus the cost of the phone outweighs getting a contract with a free or discounted phone.
5 - Length of contract - By moving to a contract you are tieing yourself in and this needs to be considered if your circumstances are likely to change.

Pay Monthly

Pay monthly deals can be equally as confusing with free line rental, free gifts and more and more networks starting out. Pay monthly gives the ability to get a better amount of minutes and texts as well as a better quality phone just by agreeing to a contract. Pay monthly mobile contracts are not ideal for all but do come with some very good benefits such as free gifts and discounted line rental if you are a new customer. If you are able to upgrade the deals may not be as good but this isn't to say that pay as you go would be more cost efficient.

If your on a contact and want to consider switching to pay as you go you need to work out:
1 - Minutes - With contract the likelyhood is that you are saving money by having cheaper minutes but if you are not using them you need to work out if it would be better to pay for exactly what you are using.
2 - Texts - Most contracts nowadays come with many more texts than are needed and so you should ask yourself will you use alot of texts in a month. If so it would be best to stick to a pay monthly contract as pay as you go text charges can quickly mount up. If you are considering pay as you go find a tariff that offers free texts if you top up a set amount per month.
3- Data - This could be the difference between staying on contract or not for many customers as data is still relatively expensive on pay as you go tariffs when compared to pay monthly deals.

Phone and length of contract

4 - Phone - Staying on a rolling contract or upgrading may not be worth while if all you are on contract for is a new phone. By getting a contract just for the phone and not using the allowance you will almost always lose out over buying a good phone and using minimal amounts on pay as you go.
5 - Length of contract - If your taking out a new contract you need to take into consideration how much more of a discount you can get just by taking a 24 month contract over an 18 month deal. If you are currently locked into a contract work out your allowances if on pay as you go and if they are greatly reduced over the term of the contract then a new contract deal may not be for you.

Once you know what it is your looking for you can find our best deals - pay monthly deals & pay as you go deals