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Mobile Cashback and Free Line rental Guide

For many years mobile phone retailers such as Buymobilephones.net, Mobiles.co.uk and affordable mobiles have been offering cashback and discounted line rental in order to attract new customers to buy mid and lower range phones. There have been improvements in the way that cashback and line rental discounts are claimed but this does not mean it is hassle free.

What is autocashback?
Autocashback is money that is returned normally in the form of a cheque when a mobile phone contract is taken out. Auto cashback ranges from a few pounds upto almost the whole cost of the mobile contract. Auto cashback is sent normally when the contract has started once the cooling off period has finished. Pros: You get your money back almost immediately after taking out the contract which can be used to pay for part of the bill or for anything else you require. Cons: Auto cashback is never normally as much as a redemption line rental deal and normally it is not as valuable as taking a free gift offer instead. What is free line rental redemption?

What is Line Rental Redemption?
Free line rental deals give the customer an amount of months free when they take out a fixed length mobile contract. The amount given depends on the deal, network and retailer. To claim free line rental customers need to send in their bills at set times throughout the contract to prove they are still part of it. Pros: Much more given in free line rental for mid range phones than would be offered as straight forward cashback. More handsets and options available with free line rental. Cons: Can be complex and are not reccommended for people who are not well organised or who want to set up a contract and forget about it.

Who offers Cashback and Free line rental?
Most uk mobile retailers offer these type of deals. Some examples include: Mobiles.co.uk, e2save, phones4u, buymobilephones.net and Carphone Warehouse.

How to claim most effectively?
If you have opted for a cashback deal check with the individual retailer that you don\'t have to do anything to claim your cheque. Most retailers send the cash or cheque out automatically once the contract has been in action for more than 14 days. If you have opted for a free line rental deal, when you order there will be a list of instructions. Be sure to write them down and follow them exactly as otherwise you may not be able to claim back all of the money you are owed. Most retailers will request that you send in copies of bills on specific months so besure to put a reminder on your phone with enough notice so that you get the bill sent in on time.

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