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Leaving a network and keeping your phone number

If your contract is due for renewal you have an important decision of whether to stay or leave your current network. If you wish to get a new mobile phone deal and leave your current provider you may want to keep your phone number. To keep your phone number you need to ask your current provider for your PAC (Port Authorisation Code).

Most networks will try and convince you to leave but will issue your pac number straight away. Most networks text this or give it straight away. On occassion you may have to wait for them to post it out to you for added security. A pac code lasts for 30 days from when it is generated.

To use your pac code when you buy a phone online you need to add it where there is space on the checkout. Most retailers will email you to confirm that everything is in order before they port the number across to your new contract. When this takes place your original network may turn your current sim card to a pay as you go sim. The number for this will be generated when your contract has been ported to the new network.

For additional information about porting you are best to contact your current network or one of the retailers featured on LatestPhones.co.uk.