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How to Pick a Handset Guide

Phones are changing day by day as the manufacturers of each brand strive to improve the current phones that are available into something new and more effective for people. The way that it all works is they rely on customer reviews and the past glitches with handsets mixed in with a little bit of their own unique inventions that they have in mind, and you have the next phone upgraded phone whatever year it might be. Choosing the type of handset you want nowadays has never been a more difficult decision because of all of the options that are made available. The first thing to start off with is what type of tariff you want. Do you want to be able to pay a monthly Tariff for your phone and special features that you have added to your phone? Do you want to be able to text and use the internet with your phone? Will the phone you purchase be used for work related purposes or solely for personal reasons? These are some of the things that you will have to take into consideration when you get ready to buy a new mobile phone.


The price of the handset is what you need to think about first because your budget will highly affect the type of phone that you will be able to buy. What is important to you? If you want to have a phone with all of the bells and whistles such as voice recognition, internet; camera phone, touch screen then you will have to opt for a more expensive tariff to get the phone for free. If you don’t mind paying for your new phone then it is worth looking at exact costs of tariffs so that you have the correct deal which saves you the most. If you want a phone that has most of the features expected of a smart phone today you will be pleasantly surprised as to how cheap a monthly tariff works out at if you don’t mind claiming cash back or want a free gift.


Touch screen phones are in and they are the most popular phones for people to choose. There is no keypad required with a touch screen phone. However, a touch screen phone is not for everyone so there are still phones available with the keypad for typing in text or calling people. Some phones feature both the touch screen feature and the key pad; a lot of these handsets are the ones that slide or flip open notably the blackberry torch which has touch screen and keypad.

Bigger screen means bigger handset and that might mean it is not so easy to use. If you have a need for a big screen then touch screen with hi res graphics are the best option as a keypad will dramatically reduce the size and effectiveness of the handset for anything other than texting/emailing.

As most people don’t tend to carry camera’s now a good phone camera is essential for some users, however if you want a phone for communicating then most common phones have an adequate camera for occasional use. Better camera normally means a more expensive phone which begs the question, do I really need it?

Operating system
Choosing a phone based on operating system has become much more of an issue of late with the android platform powering so many manufacturers phones and Apples strong performing software. If you have a favourite operating system then it would be best to stick with it unless you can play with another before deciding to buy. An 18-24 month contract won’t be much fun with a handset that doesn’t perform how you would like.

Browser / Email
The internet is becoming more of a need than a want especially on the move. If you wish to browse on a regular basis then the only easy choices are Apple, Android or Windows platforms as they have dedicated browsers designed for regular usage. Blackberry at present doesn’t lend itself well to internet browsing. On a flip side blackberry is the choice of many for email, not just because of its easy to type setup but that the battery life and push system is second to none. Other manufacturers have push email and can be used just as well for quick emails but for a communication tool Blackberry is best for work or constant emailing.

Apps are everywhere and every company has one. We all need our FB fix and so apps are going to become more and more important when considering what phone to next get. Android and Apple have a very large selection of apps and so more people make for apple or android platforms. Using the Nokia/Windows apps are just as good it’s just a case of there being less choice.

Battery Life
Battery life is a factor that could make or break your handset decision if you work out and about and have to make a lot of calls. Having a good battery is important if you are going to have the phone for a long time and so phones with an integral battery may have a limited lifespan.


Although networks now offer quite similar packages it might be beneficial to see which network the people you contact the most are on. Not every network has every phone and so this could impact your choice of handset. To see which phones come on what networks pick a phone and the available networks are lit up on any of our deals pages.