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Capped Contract Guide

Having a mobile phone contract can lead to trouble, especially if your a call or textaholic. This guide focuses on capping or limiting mobile phone usage and what you can do to protect yourself from a hefty bill. There are hundreds of posts on online forums about this topic yet not many people know much about capping a mobile contract once it reaches a set limit. You may want a cap for various different reasons whether its because your going on holiday and want to watch your spend or if you have bought one of your children a mobile contract and don't want a shock at the end of the month.

Who offers a mobile phone cap?
The only company to publicly offer a cap on usage on mobile phone contracts is Tesco Mobile. Tesco mobile allow parents to cap their childrens spend as well as their own if required. This can be setup online or over the phone and is pretty straight forward.Click here to read more about the Tesco Mobile Network >

With another network or want to join a network that isn't Tesco mobile?
Other networks do cap usage but not normally for the customers benefit. If you want to cap a bill because of high usage there may need to be further reasoning for the network to do this. Most networks will have individual specifications for setting a cap. If you visit our network pages you can get the contact information for all networks where you can talk to them to arrange a cap. -Orange O2 Vodafone T-Mobile 3 Mobile Virgin Tesco Mobile Talk Mobile

Other solutions?
Other options include getting a T-Mobile U fix tariff. A U fix tariff is designed like a pay monthly contract but with the added facility of topping up once the allowance has been used up. This is ideal for capping teenagers usage as they have the added benefit of cheaper calls and texts but if usage gets out of hand it needs to be topped up outside of set limits. Click here to read more about T-Mobile U Fix Tariffs >