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Android Operating System Overview

Andriod is powerful. It any given minute, it is powering millions of phones, tablet, and other electronic devices. With this powerful platform, users have immediate access to Google and the web. The system powers an incredibly fast browser, cloud sync, and other applications making it easy to access what you need quickly and share information immediately. Any Android powered device is easily consdiered genius.

Android has many advantages. Users have access to a free, open platform. Many manufacturers produce their products based on the software of the Android system. Thus, any Android device is easily compatible with many applications and other devices. If you have a phone that is powered by Android, you will consistently be able to download and install free programs as they are frequently released. As of April 2011, 250,000 applications have been launched on the Android market. An Android display system can be changed horizontally or vertically, making it easier to use, based on your preferences and programs. Furthermore, you will have access to the prestigious Google Chrome. With Google Chrome, browsing is exponentially easier as you can open multiple windows at once.

There a few drawbacks to the Android system. The program acts differently based on each indvidual phone. The installation process varies, as well. Thus, some phone will be less compatible with the system than others.

The Android system permeates the UK's market for smartphones. The Samsung Galazy S and Galaxy S II are two popular phones that use this system. Others include the HTC Sensation, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA, and the Google Nexus S.

If you are still not completely sold on the Android, consider your other options. The iPhone is an obvious choice of smartphone. This device includes many different applications, inclduing the same fast access to internet. In addition, the iPhone 4S has the much talked about Siri voice-controlled assistant, a fast dual-core processor, and an amazing 8-megapixel camera.

The Symbian, a product of Accenture, is another smartphone in high demand. It has multiple language support, a strong browser, and growing application development.

The Blackberry is another contender with the Android powered phone. Blackberrys are known for their strong compatibility with email. Users are always up to date when it comes to messaging. With Blackberry's push email service, users can easily receive and send messages in a matter of seconds. Blackberrys are also equipped with an elegant keyboard that makes emailing and messaging easy. The advanced keyboard allows for fast typing and accuracy not normally found in its competitors. In addition, the Blackberry, as a whole, is both durable and visually appealing. The battery life on a Blackberry also boasts impressive results. This is an area where the Android powered hones tend to fall short. Blackberrys, however, do not have the speedy web browser that most Android s have. It tends to be slow in loading Web resources and installation of applications.

With the many great options available in the smartphone world, whether you decide to go with an Android powered phone or one of its many popular contenders, you should be satisfied with your selection and the many advanced programs that come with it.