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Other gifts

There are several reasons to buy a mobile phone with a free gift. Of course the most important one is that you actually need a mobile phone but say if you are just looking to change it, then you will definitely be happy if you get something in addition to just a phone. A lot of service providers are giving away a range of gifts based on the phone you buy and the service plan you choose.

Among the common free gifts are memory cards in a range of sizes. These are great accessories for mobile phones as you will need them for storing all your multimedia. Another popular free gift that comes with mobile phones is a set of headphones or earphones. The popular headphones nowadays come with bass boosters and other similar technology that enhance the audio experience on your mobile phone. It is a good idea to go with custom earphones than headphones because they are easier to carry around and are in all probability better than stock earphones that come with the mobile phone! In some cases, e-book readers such as the award winning kindle are popular giveaways as a free gift. These are a good addition to your mobile phone for a clean reading experience. The mobile phone screen might be a little too small to read entire books on but these readers with their revolutionary technology make reading all the more easier and pleasurable. More expensive but less popular free gifts include cameras, both digital and video and in some rare cases, tablets pc including the Ipad, Ipad 2 and new Ipad or Ipad 3.

The idea of picking a free gift if you have the choice should be that it complements your mobile phone. It is a good idea to review the mobile phone features and the capabilities of the free gift before making a choice to ensure that you get the best phone and free gift deal you can find.