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Vodafone is a mobile carrier and handset manufacturer in based in the UK. By revenue, it is the largest telecom carrier in the world; it is the second-largest by number of subscribers, and has the second-highest value of a company listed on the London Stock exchange. It was established in 1991 and has interests in networks all over the world, including Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and most European countries. Vodafone is the majority owner of its network in the UK, and has a chain of retail shops throughout the country where it offers its mobile phone products.

Vodafone’s branded mobile handset offerings are varied, but all are available only through the company’s pay as you go billing option. Vodafone does offer a wide selection of other manufacturers’ handsets with its pay monthly billing options. The Vodafone-branded mobile handsets currently available through the company’s website include the Vodafone 155, Vodafone 345, Vodafone 351, Vodafone 354, Vodafone 547, Vodafone 550, Vodafone 553, and the Vodafone 555.

The phones are available in standard colors like black and silver, as well as more customized colors like white and pink. More advanced phones like the Vodafone 555 have full keypads and other features like still and video cameras, picture and video messaging, a button for direct access to Facebook, and the Opera Mini browser. The Vodafone 553, also known as the Vodafone Smart, is even more advanced, with a touch screen, the Android operating system, a micro SD card slot to expand the phone’s memory, built-in Twitter and Facebook apps. You can also design your own cover for the Vodafone Smart, and the phone has built-in Google Maps navigation and a Wi-Fi connection. Vodafone’s mobile phones are available through various outlets, including the company’s retail stores, its website, and third-party resellers.