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VK is a South Korean mobile phone manufacturer of CDMA and PCS handsets. The company was initially created to import the types of batteries needed for cell phones — lithium-ion batteries. Eventually, however, VK began manufacturing its own lithium-ion batteries, and after that the company started producing its own mobile handset models. VK first manufactured mobile phones in 2001, and it sold the handsets in countries that include Canada, the United States, China, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and various European countries.

VK’s mobile handset models are available in a variety of series. Models include the VK200, the VK300, the VK530, the VK560, the VK610, the VK1010, the VK1020, the VK1100,  the VK2000, the VK2010, the VK2100, the VK2200, the VK4000, the VK4500, the VK5000, and the VK7000. While the lower handset numbers indicate simpler phone models, such as simple flip-phone and slider models with very basic features. The higher numbers indicate more advanced phones with both still and video cameras, MP3 players, video telephony capabilities, text and picture messaging, and larger color screens. The more advanced phones also have more complex navigation controls and fancier designs, but they are also pricier.

VK Mobile manufactured handsets for a variety of carriers, including Avenir Telecom and the now-defunct US carrier Helio, which was purchased by Virgin Mobile USA, subsequently acquired Sprint Nextel. However, VK filed for bankruptcy in 2006, citing fiscal difficulties caused by losses from operations; reports indicated that the company was burdened by rising debt and that a possible cash infusion from major mobile manufacturer Motorola did not pan out as expected. While the company was given the chance to reorganize and seek forgiveness for its debts, it never returned to its prior position as one of South Korea’s up-and-coming mobile handset manufacturers and is no longer producing phones.