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Toshiba, originally founded in 1875, is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. Based in Japan, the company’s European unit is known as Toshiba of Europe Ltd. Because the company manufactures so many different types of consumer electronics, different portions of the business were separated into groups. The mobile phone unit was traditionally part of the digital products and services company unit of the digital products group. In June 2010, however, Toshiba announced that it agreed to merge its mobile phone unit with that of Fujitsu, and the companies officially combined the businesses in October 2010.

Toshiba offers a variety of mobile phone models, from simple flip phones to state-of-the-art touch screen Smartphone’s. Some of the company’s more popular models include the Toshiba Portege, the Toshiba IS12T, the Toshiba TG01, and the Toshiba K01. Toshiba’s smart phone models run a variety of operating systems, notable the Windows Phone mobile operating system. The handsets are available for a variety of network types, including 3G networks. Toshiba also offers customers a variety of tablet computers, and the company’s cell phones and Smartphone’s come with different color and keyboard variations. Some of the phones have full keyboards or touch screens, while others have traditional keyboards. Some models have sliding keyboards as well; other phones have still cameras or video cameras.

Since it released the world’s first color video phone in 1970, Toshiba has been a telecommunications innovator. The merged phone division of Toshiba and Fujitsu decided to re-enter the mobile phone market in 2011, and Microsoft announced that the new division would produce more phones using the Windows Phone mobile operating system. The merged companies manufacture cell phones primarily for the Japanese market, but unlocked handset models are available for purchase in some European countries, including the UK, via Internet sales.