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Three Mobile Coverage

Three Mobile CoverageThree Mobile network covers 99% of the UK with its 2G coverage and 93% of the UK with its 3G coverage. Three Mobile 2G coverage is provided by Orange mobile as Three Mobile tends to focus on the 3G coverage it provides to its customers. Three Mobile is the UK only dedicated 3G mobile phone network and has long been the network with the biggest 3G mobile network in the UK. With advances in mobile technology 3G has become a high demand mobile service.  This is one of the factors that has turned Three mobile in to a very popular network in the UK. Three Mobile also offers free Skype to Skype call to its customers which is great for travellers and international calls. To see Three Mobile coverage map CLICK HERE.

For people considering Three Mobile as a future mobile network there contracts plans are split in to three options. For Unlimited users there is The One Plan, for heavy user there is the ultimate internet plans, and for litre user there is The Essential Internet plans. Pay as you go customers also can benefit from additional minutes, text or internet if they top up £10, or 15 and more a month. If you’re looking to join Three Mobile as a pay as you go customer then you can get a free SIM card by CLICKING HERE.

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