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T-Mobile Coverage

T-Mobile UK CoverageT-Mobile coverage in the UK is said to cover 99% of the UK with its 2G coverage and 93% of the UK with its 3G coverage. This amazing coverage is due to T-Mobile teaming up with Orange back in 2010. These two giant network providers in the UK combined there network coverage to offer both set of their customers a combined coverage which spans most of the UK. Mobile devices that use T-Mobile to provide coverage will now automatically swap from T-Mobile coverage to Orange coverage depending on which network is providing the best signal in the area you are in. To see T-mobile coverage map CLICK HERE.

T-Mobile has a number of choices of pay monthly plans for customers looking for a contract phone. Contract plans on T-Mobile start from £7.00 p/m for the most basic plans and go up to £61.00 p/m for there truly unlimited package. Pay as you go Mobile users on T-mobile can also benefit from a number of boosters they can add to their phone to reduce the bill and get more from there credit. Pay as you go and new customers on T-mobile also benefit from being able to claim a free SIM card to get them started. To claim yours CLICK HERE.

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