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T-Mobile’s branded mobile phones, along with the company’s well known mobile network service, allows the company to be one of the top European mobile phone and service providers. The T-Mobile brand first appeared in the UK in 2002, as the new brand for Deutsche Telekom unit One 2 One; the company was the first to introduce picture messaging in the UK. T-Mobile has always carried advanced mobile phone models, having introduced BlackBerry models in 2002. T-Mobile introduced its 3G network in 2004 and began selling its first SIM-only handsets under the just SIM brand in 2007.

T-Mobile currently offers a wide variety of popular mobile phones and Smartphone’s at a variety of prices. Some of the company’s most popular models include the T-Mobile Groove, the T-Mobile Affinity, and the T-Mobile Vivacity. Other handsets include the T-Mobile Accord, the T-Mobile Zest, the T-Mobile Energy, The T-Mobile Vairy Touch II, the T-Mobile Unity, and the T-Mobile Rapport. These phones vary from inexpensive flip phones to top-of-the-line smart phones with touch screens, apps, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. T-Mobile’s branded phones vary in price from £29.99 to £99.99. The phones also come in a variety of colors, from standards like black, silver, and white to more unusual colors like purple, pink, and champagne.

Several of T-Mobile’s branded Smartphone offerings use Google’s Android operating system, which gives owners of those handsets access to the Android app market with its thousands of apps. The carrier also offers owners of its branded handsets customer service on its website; T-Mobile customers using T-Mobile branded phones can choose from a variety of service plans what include different combinations of call minutes, text messages, and mobile Internet access. T-Mobile also plans to introduce more smart phones in the future, both under its own brand and other manufacturer’s brands.