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Hewlett-Packard acquired the Palm brand in 2010 and although HP initially kept the Palm brand, from 2011 all new PDA devices were branded as HP not Palm devices. HTC, Lenovo Apple, RIM (BlackBerry) and Nokia were all rumoured to be interested in the bidding! The Pilot was the name of the first generation of PDA's (personal digital assistants) developed by Palm Computing in 1996. The original purpose of Palm Computing was to create handwriting recognition software, however their research eventually convinced them they could create better hardware too. Palm handhelds have continued to advance over the years and modern devices have the ability to synchronise with computer hard drives and merge with smartphones. The latest offerings combine Palm handhelds with mobile phones and access to e-mail and instant messaging technology (the Treo range) and some Palm-branded devices now use Windows Mobile instead of the original Palm operating system.

Palm mobile phones have come a long way since they started life as being simple PDA devices. Today these mobile devices by Palm provide just about everything you need in a mobile phone. There is no doubt that with the backing of a computer company as huge and successful as HP, will some good things to happen with the further development of Palm phones and devices. The first tangible improvement from HP was the WebOS platform which powered a brand new tablet computer (the HP TouchPad) and two new smartphones (the HP Pre 3 and the HP Veer).

Palm mobile phones are renowned for being quality products with a great operating system, with HP being involved we can only expect better computer like features and improved internet capabilities. There are a number of Palm mobile phones available in the market and sometimes finding the right handset for your individual needs might not be as easy as it sounds. To find the best Palm mobile phone you need to take advantage of the product reviews on this site to compare Palm products against other manufacturers in terms of both price and capabilities.

Smartphones are not cheap to buy, so when you decide to buy one, you need to carry out a careful comparison of phones from different manufacturers. One of the most important factors that you should consider is the phone operating system. There are many operating systems to choose from when it comes to mobile phones, such as Android, Symbian OS (used by Nokia) or iOS (Apple iPhone). The latest Palm WebOS platform is another serious contender, the Palm web operating system used in their Palm smartphones may convince you that  Palm mobile phones might be the best choice for you.