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Orange Mobile Coverage

Orange UK coverageOrange mobile covers 93% of the UK with its 3G network and 99% of the UK with its 2G network. Orange has also teamed up with T-Mobile to offer its customer an even more coverage across the UK. Now customers on Orange or T-Mobile can share coverage from both networks, you don’t even need to manually swap from one network to another. Mobile devises’ on Orange or T-Mobile will now swap network coverage automatically to the network offering the best coverage in your area. To check out Oranges coverage in your area CLICK HERE to see Oranges coverage map.

Orange offer a number of focused packages to its customers depending on their usage. If you are looking for a pay monthly package or a pay as you go package then orange will have a package for you. Orange uses animal names to separate their packages; this makes it easier for Orange Customers to select the package that best suits their needs for their mobile phone or mobile broadband package. Pay as you go customers also have a choice of animal package which included focused add on’s to reduce the cost of the running the phone. Pay as you go customers can also claim a free SIM card from Orange to get them started. To claim your free SIM CLICK HERE.

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