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O2 Mobile was formed when British Telecom and split away from BT Wireless. It provides mobile telephone and broadband internet services to a large number of people in the UK. They offer both pay as you go and monthly payment plans for its customers.

While O2 does not manufacture mobile phones, it has worked with HTC to design phones that will only work within the O2 Mobile network. This means that if you buy a phone that has the O2 brand on it, you will not be able to change service providers with that phone. They have very simple phones that only have voice and texting capabilities and they have full blown Android phones available for purchase with their system. You can also use an iPhone with O2 if you buy it from them. No matter what type of phone you are looking for or what you can comfortably afford, O2 has a phone for you. Although you cannot take your O2 phone with you to another service provider, odds are you will not be looking to change services anyway.

O2 will be around for a while. They have a solid customer base and the network capabilities to grow and keep up with any of the competition. After recently launching the largest free 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, O2 will continue to look toward the future. It is a socially conscious company with plans on helping the planet and its people. They have plans to help over 60,000 young people develop technologic skills that will help them obtain jobs. At the same time they are dedicated to maintaining the largest and best mobile communications network in the country. They will look for new technology and make sure their phones are able to give the customers what they want. In 2010, the merged Orange and T-Mobile became known as Everything Everywhere.