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Find the cheapest pay monthly prices on the latest Nokia Mobile deals. Compare the latest Nokia mobile deals that have been release in the UK in 2012 as well as deals on the older Nokia models. You can find some cheap deals on both new and old Nokia phones with great offer such as free 12 month line rental and automatic cash back. Nokia phone deals are available on all good networks such as Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Three mobile and the Vodafone network.

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See our latest deals on the new Nokia’s to be released across the UK leading networks. Compare Nokia deals on O2, Orange, T-Mobile, three mobile, Virgin mobile, Talk Mobile and Vodafone. Get the latest news on Nokia’s forth coming mobile release plans on our coming soon page. Compare Nokia deals based on text, minutes, data and more.

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Nokia is one of the biggest manufacturers of Mobile phone so they always have great deals across all the major networks so you are always sure to find a great deal. See all our Nokia deals now.


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Three Mobile enhances any Nokia handset with its great 3g coverage and massive data allowances. If you are looking for a deal with unlimited data then this is the net work.


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Find great pay monthly Nokia deals starting from just £5 a month. Plus with flexi boosters you can change your contract to suit you at any time.

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O2 is one of the UK biggest networks and with Nokia being one of the biggest mobile manufacturers then you should find a phone and contract that fits in with your lifestyle.


Nokia are probably the most well known and respected brand name in the world when it comes to mobile phones. One of the first mobile handset manufacturers, they are still today the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Nokia continue to produce some of the best selling handsets around but their position as the world's number one manufacturer of mobile phones is under threat from other manufacturers such as Apple and Android. Nokia does have the advantage of customer loyalty and familiarity with its easy to use menu and navigation systems, but even with the launch of the latest Nokia OS (Symbian^3) Nokia's market share in the smartphone sector is diminishing.

However all the traditional value of one of the best known global brands in the world remain. Aanyone that buys a Nokia mobile phone knows that they will be getting great handset at a competitive price which will be easy to use right from the outset with no complex interface to learn. The Nokia mobile phone range offers handsets in all shapes, types and sizes, including touch screen phones, flip phones, slide phones and basic "candy bar" handsets. This range of styles and options means that there is a Nokia mobile phones to suit all users, from those looking for the most basic handsets for texting and calling, to those that want the highest specification and technology rich features.

Consumers in the UK in particular have a great range of Nokia mobiles to choose from, each offering excellent quality and value for money. Nokia mobiles phones come in all price categories, from cheap as chips to state of the art expensive, depending on the model you choose, but Nokia mobile phones have a reputation for being very affordable. In fact, one of the areas in which Nokia excels, is the range of phones at all price levels. Nokia mobile phones are avaialble on a "pay as you go" basis and on monthly contract through all the various major network providers in the UK, direct from the network provider or through a reseller or budget virtual network, whichever source you decide on, you will be sure to find a range of Nokia mobile phones to suit your needs.

Using the Internet is of course a great way to source the best deals on Nokia mobiles nowadays, it can prove a very effective method indeed to compare Nokia mobile phone prices from all providers and resellers. Check out the deals below where you will find a comparison of the different Nokia mobile phones available and the best deals offered on each model.