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NEC Phones

Back in 1899, Nippon Electric Company developed manufactured and maintained telephones and telephone systems in Japan. They became known as NEC. They still produce and market telephones, having expanded into the mobile phone industry, and now sell worldwide.  In April of 2010, they merged with Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications to form NEC Casio Mobile Communications. They hoped the merger would combine technologies and give them an edge in the mobile phone competition.  The company uses wideband CDMA and 4th generation wireless technologies within its phones.


NEC has designed ultra-thin phones that do not consume as much power as many other mobile phones. Older phones used a Linux or Java operating system but in 2011 released its first Android phone. They had not released a new phone since 2006. The new phone, the NEC Medias N-04C has a 5 mega pixel camera and multi-format video and audio players.  It comes with built in Wi-Fi and A GPS system. The change since the previous phones is quite obvious.  The merge brought them the abilities they needed to keep up with the industry. The move from Linux to android was one big boost to their desirability. Adding Wi-Fi further increased their sales. People are looking to their phones to do more and more for them. Many use them almost like a tablet.

Now that they have merged and gotten things running smoothly, NEC Casio will be giving the other mobile phone manufacturers some serious competition. They plan on moving forward with new technologies and keeping abreast of what everyone else is doing and then going one better.  Consumers may want to take a second look at NEC phones when they are in the market for a new one. They will become more comparable to what is out there, perhaps even surpassing what is considered standard.