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Lobster Phones

A few years ago, 2005 to 2006, Virgin Mobile had a series of phones made that were designed to look like a lobster claw but without the red colouring.  HTC manufactured the phones for them. They were not well received and most people thought they were quite ugly. The operating system was proprietary to Virgin Mobile.

The Phones

First came the Lobster 320, an inexpensive phone that could be good as a first phone for a child. The 485 came next. This phone too, is inexpensive and without many extras. It has a camera, but most customers feel it did not take very good pictures and the pictures could not be sent to someone anyway. The next lobster phone was the 544. They added an MP3 player in this model and finally included Bluetooth capabilities. Still, the phone was not very popular. The last phone in the lobster series was the 700 and DAB radio. With this model, Virgin Mobile added in the ability to watch TV on the phone.  It was one of the first phones to have true television watching capabilities and Virgin Mobile’s first Window’s smartphone. The phone does not have Wi-Fi capabilities, even for the Bluetooth.

Is There a Future for Lobster Phones?

There were four different Lobster phones and none of them were truly well received. The best thing the phones have going for them is the price. The last one designed was in 2006. Of course, they are as well made as their price tag would indicate. As a first phone for children or for someone that just needs a phone for emergencies, they are a good deal. Anyone wanting anything more than that will be better off with a different phone. The Lobster phones are going to be a collectible someday in the not so distant future.