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LG is one of the world’s biggest electronic manufactures and mobile manufacturing is a growing part of that. LG offer a wide range of mobile phones and Smartphone’s and you can compare deals on the latest LG mobile models right here. You can find some great deals on a pay monthly contract with an LG phone. With a great range of free gifts available such TV, laptops, consoles, netbooks, Ipads and more a LG phone deals could help you get more than what you’re looking for all in one pay monthly price. You can also find SIM free and pay as you go LG mobile phones at great low online prices.

LG top Deals by networks

Choose the best deals on LG phones by network. We have selected the top 4 networks with the best deals on LG phones at the moment. This means you can simply choose your network click through and then choose your phone to make sure you get the best deal.

O2 netork

O2 offers its customers great deals on concert and festival tickets as well as discounts and deal set across all their tariffs. O2 offer a wide selection of LG phones to compare deals.


Vodafone network

Vodafone can offer great deals across all it phones as one of the world’s biggest mobile phone companies. We compare a wide selection of phones from LG on Vodafone.


LG phones on Orange

Orange is becoming a very popular company with the success of it film campaign all across the UK. Orange is also offering some great deals at the moment.

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T-mobile mobile network

T-mobile has been a leading company across Europe but has not really impacted on the UK market because of signal issues. Now T-mobile has teamed up its signal with oranges to give you some of the best signal strength in the UK.


LG Electronics began inn 1958, since then they have evolved constantly and their technological expertise has led to many new products and technologies. Today, LG are the fourth-largest supplier of to mobile handsets worldwide. LG Mobile Phones offer consumers in the UK a wide choice of sophisticated handsets with plenty of high end features. Unlike some manufacturers which tend to specialise in certain market areas such as budget phones or smartphones, LG mobile phones cater for all users whether they are looking for a basic, affordable model or a much higher priced model. There is a huge range of LG mobile phones to choose from which represent great value but still have a good reputation for build quality and reliability.

The basic LG mobile phones are some of the cheapest ones available in the UK, these handsets cater for those that are looking for handsets that they intend to use mainly for calls and texting but are still stylish. Often thse type of mobile phones are popular in the PAYG or SIM free market. There is also obviously a choice of monthly contract LG mobile phones with a higher specification, offering great designs, modern features and excellent quality with durability.

LG offer mobile phones with a choice of operating systems, both Android and Windows. The LG Android mobile phones range offer the latest Android user experience at affordable prices. The latest version of Google's Android mobile technology (Android 2.2) gives enhanced browser performance with fast webpage loading and smooth apps switching. Another feature of the LG Android phones is the inclusion of the unique LG App Advisor service which interrogates the Android Marketplace and makes relevant recommendations for you. The integration of Google Maps Navigation is particularly good with a choice of views such as satellite view, traffic view and street view.

LG's range of new Windows Mobile Phones provide enhanced technology and the renowned Windows multimedia experience. The latest Windows mobile operating system is easily customised in terms of the Start screen or homepage using animated "Live Tiles" which can be configured to show a wide range of information such as pending messages or appointments, latest news or weather or social status on facebook.

The LG touch screen phone range allow you to interact with your handsete in ways you never thought would be possible with sophisticated features such as quality cameras, virtual keyboards, accelerometers and of course GPS. This popular range includes mobile phones such as the Viewty Snap GM360, Cookie Fresh GS290, GD910 and the Cookie KP501.