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Levi Phones

When you hear the word Levi, you normally think of blue jeans. The company started making jeans in 1873. In 2007 they branched out in an entirely new direction and made a mobile phone. While you may think this direction makes no logical sense, when you think about the way Levi has gone from rugged, work style jeans to keep in style with the younger generation, it makes a bit more sense. Levi designed its phones to be make a fashion statement.

The Phones

The first Levi phone, the Original, was developed by Modelabs and released in 2008. It is in a riveted steel casing and comes with a detachable chain so it can be attached to a belt loop or purse. It is available in metallic silver, black and brown copper with or without a mirror screen. There was a special edition released for a short time in red. While it is not a smartphone, it does play music and has a 2.0 megapixel camera.  A second phone, with 3G capabilities, was released in 2008 by Orange France.  The main selling points of the Levi phone are the accessories. The original cover is made of leather.  There are also denim covers that resemble a back pocket, ear buds in a wide range of colors, leather straps and a charm that is used for cleaning the screen of the phone. All accessories have the Levi Strauss logo.

The Future of Levi’s Phones

Levi Strauss will most likely continue to come out with a new phone every once in a while, quite possibly only in limited quantities. They will offer more accessories to the two phones they already have on the market though. They may or may not make the move to a smartphone idea.  Whatever they decide for their mobile phones, you can be assured they will be designer phones that blend comfortably with their jeans and make jeans.