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JCB Phones

When the military decided it needed to have mobile phones, it wanted them to be able to take whatever happened to them and still work. They turned to the heavy equipment manufacturing company JCB and asked them to make the phones. Since JCB makes things such as backhoes, excavators and high speed tractors, the result was the world’s first completely waterproof phone and one that would withstand being buried in over two tonnes of stone, dirt and rubble.  

The Phones

First there was the Toughphone Tradesman, the floating phone.  This phone was built to military specifications. It is completely water and dust proof, has a built in FM radio, a colour screen and is GSM compatible. At the same time, the Toughphone Sitemaster was released. Although not waterproof, it will continue to function after being subjected to one ton of pressure or dropped from two meters. It does have an FM radio like the Tradesman and includes a laser pointer.  When it was decided there needs to be a smartphone that will be rugged, JCB teamed up with Motorola. Using the Motorola Defy phone, they made it tougher. Now there is an Android phone with the JCB shock absorbing capabilities and it is waterproof.  It has a colour screen, 2GB of storage and a 1GHz processor. This is the phone to have if you have young children that always play with your phone.  The Toughphone Pro-talk is not only a waterproof phone, it also is an 8-channel two-way radio.

What the Future Holds for JCB Mobile Phone

JCB has no intention of leaving the large equipment industry, but it will continue to make phones that are more durable than normal mobile phones for those that want or need them. While they will probably not get more involved in the technology than making the outer casing for the more involved phones, they will make sure there is always a rugged smartphone on the market.