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 HP (Hewlett-Packard) has been a force of change and inspiration in the world. The company first started in a rented out shed and by the 21st century, HP became an industry leader and technological innovator that has played a hand in shaping the role of corporations in our communities.  As one of the first corporation to offer a health care plan to all of its employees, HP has been unique in that the company has feels responsible for instigating social change for the better.

Much like Google and other technology based corporations, HP shares a vision of a connected world. Giving more people access to more information is just one of the many ways in which HP is hoping to raise the quality of life all over the world. Working with global leaders, HP helps to find creative new ways to teach and assess in a way that takes full advantage of the available technology. They believe that education plays a key role in economic prosperity, and is therefore a target area for improvement if we wish to improve our standard of living. A vehicle for social progression, HP is changing the way we look at businesses and the roles that they play in our day to day lives.

With this in mind HP has decided to move into the mobile technology market focusing on the all ne 4G technology to beat its competition. HP is looking to launch a 4G tablet and mobile phone in the upcoming future. The tablet will be known as Touch Pad 4G and the phone as the Veer 4G to replace the already popular Veer HP phone.

In their own words, HP believes that “corporate success and social welfare are interdependent”. Their corporate responsibility is integrated in their approach to business. HP is passionate about their customers, and tries to foster lasting relationships and build loyalty by offering unprecedented customer service and support. By providing the tools and services that allow customers to be more creative and productive, HP hopes people will be able to utilize the power of information to be as successful they can be in any given venture.