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Using modern technology may seem like second nature to the average consumer now that we have been around fancy touch screen phones with internet capabilities for a number of years now. But someday, you may find that new technology is becoming more complicated, and you are falling behind the technological curve and no longer feel connected in a constantly connected society. The elderly, who are used to more basic technologies, struggle to keep up with the times. Phone technology just isn’t designed with the elderly in mind.

Herein lays the core philosophy behind Emporia. They recognize that there is an unacknowledged market in the elderly, and that most phones are designed so that only teenagers can use them.  Working with small manufacturers, Emporia brings simpler phones to the UK market. Simplicity is the driving inspiration. All Emporia phones have basic features to avoid any complication that may hinder the individuals experience with the phone. Large buttons assist the visually impaired, and there are no complicated menus to get caught up on when you are just trying to make a phone call or send a text.

Every aspect is designed for accessibility. Some of their phones have no visual display, and instead opt for a synthetic speech system so that they may still send and receive texts. Equipped with personal locators, the elderly in your life no longer have to worry if you are out longer than usual. Large buttons are programmed to preset emergency numbers so that if any complications should arise, you are not struggling to dial the correct numbers.  Emporia phones are keeping the elderly hip with the technology culture, and providing them with basic tools that should be available to everybody and not just the youth who are fortunate enough to have the most groundbreaking pieces of technology.