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In 1984 a young man named Michael founded a little company called PC’s Limited. Michael had some ideas about how to change the way technology is designed, manufactured, and sold. Michael did go on to revolutionize the technology industry, and PC’s Limited becomes the Dell Computer Corporation only four years after the organization was founded. To this day, Dell remains one of the most popular and trusted names in the industry and continues to deliver on new levels of customer satisfaction.

Today with advancement in technology Dell has expanded its range from PC in to more Mobile devices such as laptops and tablet PC. Mobile technology would seem to be a major focus for all computer manufactures toady and Dell answer to this is the Dell Streak mobile tablet PC. As user become more connected people are turning to devices that can enable all forms of connection in one package. Dells tablet offer the connectivity you get from your PC combine with the connectivity you get from a Smartphone.

Even before our culture became so connected because of the internet, Dell believed that their computers were to be an integral component of modern living.  By 1990, the company opened a division in Limerick, Ireland to provide better service to their European market.  Dell is passionate about their hardware. They believe in the power of technology to really bring out the potential in everyone. It is their philosophy that people can achieve almost anything given the right tools and skills.

Dell works hard engaging communities to inspire positive change.  The Youth Connect program provides learning opportunities and technology to children in areas that may not have access to computers.  Dell motivates its customers to make greener choices. It can be so difficult having to choose a reliable computer while being concerned about your carbon footprint. Dell is always looking for design and packaging alternatives, such as bamboo, in order to minimize environmental impact. They also offer recycling options to homes and businesses. Energy efficiency is a big concern, both in their products, and in their operation. It may take a lot of effort to make so many green moves, but Dell is confident that a green mindset inspires better ways to use time, money and resources and if you work for a healthier environment, you work for a healthier lifestyle.