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Our cell phones and mobile devices can find information pertaining to any subject imaginable and instantly deliver that information to our finger tips. It is reasonable to be concerned about the fate of our physical selves. With so much information available in the palm of our hands, it may hinder the human curiosity to explore the world around us. Fortunately, there are communications companies like Benefon with a vested interest in the integration of our technology with our innate human desire to get out and explore.

Benefon (more recently known as GeoSentric) has been in the industry since 1988, with roots extending even farther in time. Benefon’s founders worked in conjunction with communications juggernaut, Nokia, back in 1979 before starting their own company. Having a significant history in the communications industry has given the organization insight into the future of the industry. The company’s latest efforts have been focused in the realm of GPS tracking for a variety of uses such as product and asset tracking.

Of course, following the trend of the technology, Benefon integrates its’ GPS tracking technologies into mobile devices. Our technology should not serve as an excuse to remain sedentary. Quite the contrary; with the ability to access a near infinite amount of information and a plethora of new and innovative resources available to the public, we are removing the chains that bind us to the home or office. Wherever you go, so does your business. Companies like Benefon are enabling a more free-form life style so that you can accomplish as much as you can, wherever you are.  Advancements are not limited to professional life. GPS technologies let you get out into the world and to explore previously uncharted areas (at least to you). If the fate of our physical selves is to be guided by our technology, fret not, for we are in good hands.